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Westfield Bowls Season

Statistics 2018

With the 2018 Summer Season sadly over for yet another year, members might be interested in how the club faired in match play over the season.

Overall the club played a total of 82 games (not counting those internal competition games) of which we won 56, drew 2 and unfortunately lost 24. Expressed in percentage terms calculates out at 68.2%, an increase over last year of 8%. In regards to the clubs shot rate, we rolled a total of 4348 for, with 3713 against, a healthy plus of some 635 shots.

On the friendly games front, we played 48 matches, winning a grand total of 34, drawing 2 and losing just 12. By the end of the season out success rate had slightly drop from last year, but still a very good year at 70.8%.

With regard to league match play, the Tuesday League didn't fair so well, playing 18 games overall, winning 9 and losing 9. However, the Thursday League did extremely well, playing 16 matches and winning 13, making them the winners for their group area.

Over this past summer season, mainly due to adverse weather conditions, 6 matches were cancelled, 2 games conceded (one for and one against).

I think it goes without saying the season overall has been a great success, both from the members point of view and especially for all the stirling hard work of our various Club Captains (Lesley Hodge, Cathy Miller & Peter Smith to mention a few, who contributed so much to make the success possible. This of course was complimented in having one of the best greens around (thanks to John Osgood), being strongly endorsed by the many complements of our own members and numerous other clubs who played at Westfield.

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